About Ari global show

Ari Global Show is a motivational and entertainment bilingual (Spanish- English) TV Show, where we have guest stars: actors, singers, entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers and the most popular public figures of the moment.

The main purpose for each her interviews is to inspire people by creating careful and insightful questions for her interviewees.

Whether these are actors, singers, lawyers, homeless, others . She gives careful consideration to all. She strongly believes that everyone has an inspirational story to tell and has a special gift connecting with her interviews and audience.

Some of our interviews has surpassed The audience of big TV latin networks. Like one of the interview has reach 3.5 millions views.

In ‘Ari Global Show’ we have interviewed Hollywood movie actors and top celebrities such as: Jennifer Lopez, Amy Schumer, Vanessa Hudgens, Ozuna , Oscar winner ‘ Benicio Del Toro, Ill Volo, Shaquille’ Oneal, Tyler Perry, Eva Longoria, Samuel Jackson, Gerald Butler, Spiderman Movie, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Antonio Banderas , The Ring Movie and others.
Also , our show was selected to interview the 2020 Super Bowl Winners “Kansas City Chiefs”.

At ‘ Ari Global Show’ we have also covered a variety of red carpet events, important music awards and galas such as The Billboards in Las Vegas, Los 40 Principales in Spain, Miami Fashion Week and the Saint Jude Gala.

Hispanics represent the largest and most economically significant multicultural audience with roughly 61 million Hispanics in the U.S., according to census data . In the Spanish market there are varely few women or none the that focus on the motivational and inspiring aspect of an interview.

Our main intention is to inspire people around the world with our interviews . We feel strongly about the enormous advantages that a Latino Woman would bring to the table in terms of audience appeal.

Therefore, we believe that it will be a mutual benefit to work together.
Her show distribute in the #1 and top podcast around the globe such as Apple, Itunes Spotify, Google podcast, Deezer, I Heart Radio, YouTube, Instagram, and Stitcher.

Top interviews

Jennifer Lopez
Samuel Jackson
Natti Natasha
Shaquille O'neal
Nicky Jam
La Voz
Emma Stone
Gerald Butler

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