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Ari Global is a well known and bilingual (Spa- nish/ English)TV host and and Influencer. She has interviewed top celebrities such as Jenni- fer Lopez, Amy Schumer, Vanessa Hudgens, Shaquille O ́Neal, Tyler Perry, Eva Longoria, Samuel Jackson, Gerald Butler, among others. She started creating her own content and has reached more audience than big TV latin networks. One of her interviews reached 3.5 millions views.

She has lived in more than 8 International cities, Paris, New York, Lima, Caracas, Madrid, Washington DC, Philadelphia among others. Experiencing different cultures has allowed her to grow and see the world from a global perspective.

Her studies and international experiences have shaped her vision in entertainment industry. She is a graduate of the American University of Paris ( Global Comunications) took courses at the New York University (NYU), Georgetown University and the BBC in London. In London she took a highly prestigious course available only to Professional TV presenters. It was a Professional TV Presenting and Media Trai- ning course in BBC’s studios.

Ari Global is an Influencer with an extraordi- nary ability to generate social influence. She has been invitated to top prestigious TV chan- nels like CNN, NBC, ESPN, Telemundo, Hola TV, and Univisión. She was featured in 3 magazine covers in New York City: En Vivo Magazine NY, Hispano América News, Sport & Más and others.

Thanks to her success Ari Global received an Award for her excellence, leadership and pro- fessional commitment, granted by the NAPW, considered by Forbes magazine as one of the leading associations in the USA. She also received an Award for best Influencer in Enter- tainment and Fashion, given by Estrellas Digi- tales. Her goal is to motivate and inspire others. She is also involved with Unicef where she helps the people that needs it the most.

She counts with more 570k in Instagram, 20k in Facebook, and 20k followers in youtube. She uses her social networks to share content about what she like the must such as motiva- tion, fashion, travel , sports , movies , music, food , inspirational stories and more .

She also distributed her interviews in the main and top global digital platforms around the world. You can listen to her show ‘ Ari Global Show ‘ in the number 1# podcast platforms Apple, Itunes, Spotify, Google podcast, Deezer , I Heart Radio , Pandora, SoundCloud and Stitcher .

She has also work for brands like Lexus , Unicef, Warner Bros , Flat Tummy, Sony, Israel Tourism , The Nun Movie and others .

The main purpose for each of her interviews and everything she do in social media is to inspire people by creating careful and insight- ful content.

She strongly believes that everyone has an inspirational story to tell. She has a special gift for connecting with her interviews and audience

ari Global show

Her passion for entertainment and production inspired her to create her own TV segment called My Show.

As a TV host Ari Global has interviewed Hollywood actors from films like: Mission: Impossible - Fallout, The Ring, Star Wars, Sicario , Spiderman, Baby Boss and Aquaman. She has interview top celebrities such as Amy Schumer, Vanessa Hudgens, Shaquille’ Oneal, Tyler Perry, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Brolin, Antonio Banderas, Alejandro Sanz, Ozuna, Nacho, Eiza Gonzales, and Karol G.

Recently, she interviewed the Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro; one of the world’s top ten directors, Leigh Mannel and the lead actor of Super Man, Henry Cavill. Her videos are one of the viewer’s top favorites, for this reason her interview with Ozuna reached 3 million views on YouTube.

She has covered many red carpet events, important music awards and galas, like The Billboards in Las Vegas, Los 40 Principales in Spain, the Miami Fashion Week and the Saint Jude Gala, a hospital that focus on helping kids suffering from terminal diseases. Her motivation is to help and inspire people in any opportunity she can. She has been invited on several occasions to collaborate on the main programs of prestigious channels such as: CNN, NBC, Telemundo and Univision, among others.

My Show reaches more than 25 million viewers in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. The My Show Official YouTube channel has reached more than 15 thousands subscribers and continues growing.


- National Association of Women: Ariana has received the VIP Woman of the Year Circle, award for her excellence, leadership and commitment to her profession, while encouraging the achievement of professional women. This award was granted by the National Association of Professional Women, considered as one of America’s top associations by Forbes Magazine.

- Estrellas Digitales: With over 500k followers on IG, it’s no wonder that Ariana recently received the “Entertainment and Fashion Influencer” award given by Estrellas Digitales, produced by Dalcroma Digital Marketing.

- America Developing Smiles “ Asociación Damas Salesianas: Non–profit organization . Ari Global received a recognition awarding her commitment and outstanding dedication. She hosted EL Gran Gaitazo 2018 for more than 6 hours with the presence of thousands of people. The main purpose of this organization is to raise money to help children in Latin America with their education.

Appearances in the Media

Ari Global has been invited in several occasions to be the guest and collaborator in top shows from prestigious channels like: CNN, NBC, ESPN, Telemundo, Hola TV, and Univision. She has offered advice to programs like "6 in the Mix" from NBC, "Al Rojo Vivo" from Telemundo, New York ESPN, "Hola Fashion" Hola TV, ' People en Español, Showbiz' CNN, Diario las Américas among others.

She was featured in 3 magazine covers in New York City: En Vivo Magazine NY, Hispano América News, Sport & Más and others.


Her studies and international experiences have shaped her vision of fashion and entertainment. She is a graduate of the American University of Paris, took courses at the New York University (NYU) and the BBC in London. Ari Global has lived in eight different cities: Paris, New York, Lima, Caracas, Madrid, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Miami. Experiencing different cultures has allowed her to grow and see the world from a global perspective.

In 2006, she returned to the United States, to Washington D.C. where she obtained the Certificate of Proficiency in English at the prestigious Georgetown University. In 2008, she began her studies in Global Communications at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

In 2009 she completed a Theater summer course at NYU (New York University). That same year, she moved to France, where she graduated with a B.A. in Global Communications at the American University of Paris. That is where she reaffirmed her passion for fashion and entertainment.

In 2010, she studied French at one of the best schools in the South of France, the French Institute of Villfranche-sur-mer.

Additionally, during 2012 she returned to the NYU (New York University) where she acquired a certificate in Meeting and Conference Management.

In 2016, Ari Global took a highly prestigious course available only to Professional TV presenters.It was a Professional TV Presenting and Media Training course in BBC’s studios in London.

Other Courses

Her admiration and dedication towards the media world were inspired by two courses that changed her life: Marketing and Public Relations.

Additionally she took courses in: Media in Asia, Communicating Fashion, Advertising, Theory and Research, World Television and Business Administration to name a few.

While she was studying Business Administration she made a trip to Kuwait and Qatar where she visited one of the most important television channels of the Arabic countries (Al Jazeera). This contributed greatly to expanding her knowledge on communication strategies.

Early Work

Ari Global started working in 2011 as a Public Relations Specialist and Event Organizer in Globally, one of the most relevant communications agencies in Madrid, Spain, with a special focus on the music industry.

Some of her responsibilities were the promotion of prestigious brands, writing press releases, management of the press relations and negotiations with managers. A few of the clients she managed were: MTV, Nickelodeon Cruise, Rock in Rio, Hard Rock Café, Harley Davidson, Zumba, Pablo Alborán among others.

From 2012 to 2014, she worked as a producer of Marketing in Venevisión International Europe SA channel in Madrid. Among her tasks were to import and export TV programs, sales, marketing production, public relations, and product placement of several television series like "Demente Criminal".

In 2014, she worked as an event organizer at Salone Satelite in Milano, Italy. One of her main duties was to reunite the most promising young designers from around the world with the most important entrepreneurs and talent scouts, as well as managing events.

That same year, she moved to Miami, Florida, where she works as a Television Producer for Cisneros Media, up to date. Some of the TV programs that she produced are: Tu Día Alegre, Arquitecto de Sueños and La Revista de Zuleyka, distributed in the United States and Latin America. She has also been responsible for content, social networks, filming and production activities; coordinating with the directors, casting department, technicians, editors, managers, talents, producers and other members of the team to guarantee the progress of each production.


Ariana was born in Caracas on June 15th. She started her studies at the Colegio Instituto Andes in Caracas until 2000. She then moved to Miami where she studied at Palmer Trinity. After two years living in the United States, she relocated to Madrid, where she studied at the Santa María del Camino School and graduated from the San Pablo CEU.

Extracurricular Activities

During her childhood Ari Global attended the ski school L'ecole de Ski Courchevel in France. She also attended several summer camps, such as Camp Rincón Grande in Venezuela and Camp Adirondack in the United States; where she did activities like horseback riding, hiking, learning to paint and sharing with all kinds of people with diverse cultures.

She has participated as a collaborator in other activities, like the New York Marathon, events at the Plaza Hotel and the Mecedez Benz Event, among others.

Social Work: Ariana was, from an early age always drawn to volunteer her services for a cause. In 2010 she participated as a volunteer for community events at the UCCA University in Peru, helping young people who did not have enough resources to receive a better education. In 2016 she was a volunteer of Rumbera Network Radio Miami, doing interviews and commenting on news. That same year, Ari Global offered fashion consultancies on the radio program Más Vale Tarde, broadcasted on CVC La Voz.

Ari Global is committed to help women around the world in any way possible. For this reason, she worked with indigenous Wayuu women from Colombia who manufacture “susu” purses. These are are very important to their culture, since they represent a legacy from their ancestors. The results of this team work is amazing It helps women in the community achieve economic independence and it builds a strong sense of sorority between the women in the tribe. It is a large group of single mothers who resort to their tradition and culture to offer better opportunities to their families.

In My Show, her new project is to focus on getting involved in exposing extreme cases, such as stories of children who have wanted to commit suicide, domestic violence, etc.. She wants viewers to learn from these experiences and gain awareness. As a media reporter, she also covers events related to helping society such as St. Jude Gala, a hospital that helps children survive from near fatal illnesses. Her motivation is to help and inspire through their voices.

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